#302 (Rating: -46) [+|-]
Lymle Alira > wow, i wish I could be so mighty as to shoot an immobile frigate
Mark Hakoke > thats right bitch
Mark Hakoke > fear me
Mark Hakoke
Lymle Alira > i gotta keep that
Mark Hakoke > yes keep the bottle
Mark Hakoke > easier to fill with your tears
Razesdarked > You go girl!
Lymle Alira > no tears for annoying douches, sorry.  Though I will enjoy the meme
Mark Hakoke > awww he called me a douche that means we will be together forever
Lymle Alira > it means eventually I'll be back in null doing my thing and you'll still be here poaching kills off ships that cost about as much as the isk you spent on the ammo to kill it.
Mark Hakoke > il have you know i got that ammo for free
Mark Hakoke > so HA
Mark Hakoke > JOKES ON YOU
#301 (Rating: -15) [+|-]
xxxxx > oh wait how I get drones
xxxxx > fuck this
xxxxx > supers too hard
#300 (Rating: -95) [+|-]
Awarmingcoat > fluttershy is such a good fucking pony
Lee Janssen > Yep
Lee Janssen > I'd rim her so hard.
#299 (Rating: -83) [+|-]
<@Heinz_Doofenshertz> blame nothin he won't let us trade
<@[CCP]nothin> Heinz_Doofenshertz: I need a UI team!
<Mith> I will make you a trading UI, nothin'
<Mith> I am quite good with MS paint.
<@[CCP]nothin> excellent
<@[CCP]nothin> you're hired
<@Heinz_Doofenshertz> has Hilmar cleared this?
<@Heinz_Doofenshertz> does HR know?
<@[CCP]nothin> 'tis okay
<@[CCP]nothin> they'll be fine once they hear about Mith's skills with Paint
#298 (Rating: -72) [+|-]
Reykudo > Wow I've read lots of carebear descriptions but that one takes the pink-frosted rainbow-colored birthday cake.
#297 (Rating: -14) [+|-]
SkeletonBrakerXL > the lesbians next door gave me a casio watch for my birthday, but i think they misunderstood when i said i wanna watch
#296 (Rating: -103) [+|-]
Phantom Roy > oh shit a cyclone
lencHye > shit where
Phantom Roy > check d scan bro
Phantom Roy > fleet up and lets kill it
Cpt Suha > call the police!
lencHye > oh i c it
Cpt Suha > whats d scan?
Phantom Roy > i think it stands for
Phantom Roy > diabetic scanner.
Phantom Roy > like checks ur blood sugar or some shit
Cpt Suha > Ohh my mum has one of them
Cpt Suha > ill check hers
Phantom Roy > well i hope hers dosent find a cyclone
Phantom Roy > that would be terrible news
#295 (Rating: 17) [+|-]
Strangeboy > is  Kuvaki  ok, given ex-whips?
marco1571 > shud be
Poikilosis > kuvaki is ok
Conaildo > ok to shoot or.. ?
Poikilosis > ok to have around as a neut without shooting him :p
Conaildo > [21:03:18] muk'thar > kuvaki just podded me on the misaba gate
Conaildo > lol.. ?
Strangeboy > ok, red then
#294 (Rating: -47) [+|-]
MetalWorker Minayin > mmmm delicious ore
aurun nix > nomnomnom
MetalWorker Minayin > stupid hulk mine faster
aurun nix > NOMNOMNOMNOM
#293 (Rating: -37) [+|-]
Jan Blackoak > minmitar is easy
Jan Blackoak > strap rocket to ass, tape uzzi to forehead -  light rocket and scream while firing
#292 (Rating: -94) [+|-]
hfo ManiacK > These fleets get better all the time, everytime we jump into enemies they are either dead or running away before I have loaded grid, nowadays.
#291 (Rating: -88) [+|-]
[ 2011.03.17 21:51:52 ] Saphira Derrence > why do i see thing like "" or "" in my head
[ 2011.03.17 21:52:25 ] Nuldev > oh no....
[ 2011.03.17 21:53:11 ] Xaria Fayde > lol
[ 2011.03.17 21:53:56 ] Xaria Fayde > I swear even my hair hurts right now....I hates "to-kill-ya"
[ 2011.03.17 21:53:57 ] Nuldev > I wonder if the domains are free...
#290 (Rating: -72) [+|-]
Rousch Tribune > What super power would you have, out of all of them?
Rousch Tribune > most people go for invisibility, or flying
Beagle Fish > im not most people
Rousch Tribune > I want the power to make people orgasm on my command. Think about it, a bank robber is threatening a woman, click my fingers.............. he drops the gun
Rousch Tribune > I could then use my power for evil >:)
Beagle Fish > im trying to think up a good superpower,
Beagle Fish > could you make yourself orgasm with that power aswell?
Rousch Tribune > I think i already have that power
Beagle Fish > haha
Rousch Tribune > found it at aged 13, and practiced
Rousch Tribune > a lot
#289 (Rating: -139) [+|-]
I would like you guys to please boost all of my skills to V for a day or two. I would really like to experience what years and years of skill training would be like without having to put the effort into it for at least a day. If you would do this, I think you may find I will be a lifetime subscriber.

Can I also borrow a titan for a day? That would make the experience amazing.


I apologize for the late reply. Unfortunately we do not freely set all skills for players to level 5 regardless of the circumstances. We can only adjust skills if they were to become bugged due to a server or game issue.

All skills must be trained as intended by normal game mechanics. If you have any further questions regarding this matter please let me know.

Best regards,
GM Renril
The EVE Online Customer Support Team
#288 (Rating: -62) [+|-]
Sean Roach > Hmm.  You might want to upgrade to ASCII-8, ZARTAK
ZARTAK1397 > whats that
Sean Roach > The version of ASCII that allows for lower case characters.
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